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It will be the best one yet.
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The only artworks that you can freely use here are the stamps, NOTHING ELSE.

Thank you for reading.


Fake Mega Raichu (Kanto) by CraniaMania Fake Mega Raichu (Kanto) :iconcraniamania:CraniaMania 2 0 Mega Lapras by Matamat07 Mega Lapras :iconmatamat07:Matamat07 18 3 Mastemon by ZoraergazU Mastemon :iconzoraergazu:ZoraergazU 12 3 Myths of Alola by IceStarDragonHC Myths of Alola :iconicestardragonhc:IceStarDragonHC 60 1 Ryusei, the Falling Star - Magic the Gathering by 88grzes Ryusei, the Falling Star - Magic the Gathering :icon88grzes:88grzes 13,733 324 Ash Ketchup by Ry-Spirit Ash Ketchup :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 821 86 Scary Tree Grievous by GENZOMAN Scary Tree Grievous :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 980 78 Keepers of Ultra Zygarde Custom Commission by AutobotTesla Keepers of Ultra Zygarde Custom Commission :iconautobottesla:AutobotTesla 40 0 Mega Talonflame by Matamat07 Mega Talonflame :iconmatamat07:Matamat07 17 0 Mega Kingdra  by Matamat07 Mega Kingdra :iconmatamat07:Matamat07 12 0 Fire Emblem Heroes? by SMGold Fire Emblem Heroes? :iconsmgold:SMGold 38 3 Fire Emblem 4- Lex by Toaomr Fire Emblem 4- Lex :icontoaomr:Toaomr 16 3 Fire Emblem 4 Ishtar by kimmipen Fire Emblem 4 Ishtar :iconkimmipen:kimmipen 23 10 Prince of Darkness by X-Tidus-kisses Prince of Darkness :iconx-tidus-kisses:X-Tidus-kisses 27 79 Julius by 5amyVera Julius :icon5amyvera:5amyVera 5 2 Julius by manatiki Julius :iconmanatiki:manatiki 40 18
In this folder, one will find a collection of my favorite artworks on this site. It's surely worth looking into!


The blind hate on Gen 5 still saddens me. It's pathetic, really, seeing the same sophistries spammed over and over again. I can say that Gen 5 is still easily the best when it comes to storytelling and characters. IMO, it's got the best antagonist (N) and villain (Ghetsis). Keep in mind; I do not label N as the villain, as his intentions are anything but villainous. He genuinely believes he's fighting for a right cause, which is why Zekrom/Reshiram is convinced to side with him. However, all of that was a mere ruse to allow Ghetsis to take control later. Ghetsis is easily the most disgusting and deplorable sack of shit in all of Pokémon, and he's terrifyingly competent to boot.

Above all, though, what I like most about Ghetsis: He is prepared. The bastard has everything planned out right from the get-go. Some things do go against his plans, but have you ever seen a Pokémon villain as prepared as this man? Allow me to remind you of this quote of his:

"You can say whatever you want. A Pokémon, even if it's revered as a deity, is still just a Pokémon."

See this right here? The scary thing about that is that he's completely right; competitive players especially possess this mindset, but that's beside the point. We all remember his Hydreigon, and it's an utter terror; Reshiram's better SDef gives it a slight chance, but Zekrom is fucking helpless against Hydreigon. Dragon Pulse? OHKO. Bam. Reshiram's got a slight chance to survive a Dragon Pulse and hope to paralyze Hydreigon with Dragon Breath, but Zekrom literally stands no chance. On top of that, Ghetsis is generally a difficult opponent to beat due to his team's diversity. His Pokémon are all well-trained and all have good enough movesets to fuck around with your own team. I'm not surprised that some people consider him harder than Cynthia, who already has quite the reputation of her own.

So yep. I may talk about N at a later point, but again, he's not the villain of BW in my eyes. That's Ghetsis motherfucking Harmonia, and he's the vilest fucking genius the franchise has ever seen. And that's why I believe Ghetsis to be the best villain in Pokémon, even now.
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If you've got some money to spare, then please consider helping a talented artist in need by commissioning some art from him. Your money will be well spent, and you can enjoy great art while helping someone out.
Sorry for being so bitter in the last status. I've had some genuinely good times here, and I'll never forget those, but all that's really keeping me here right now is, since it's such a useful storage feature. Other than that, I don't even browse here much anymore.

Anyway, I apologize again. I'll be more positive from here on out and enjoy the good portions of the site.
Happy Pride Month, people. May we face a future where sexuality is no longer something to be judged upon.


Kyuzeth's Profile Picture
I'm Kyuzeth, some Dutch dude who's lived in Belgium for over 11 years now.

I have a wide range of interests: mainly video game series and sports vehicles, but also nature, biology and science, as well as languages.
I also have a soft spot for music and have been playing the clarinet for 7 years. I did 3 years of violin before that, but it just didn't fit me at all.

Delving deeper into my VG interests, I used to battle Pokémon competitively for a while, but now that's just kinda stuck to EV training. My favorite competitive tiers on the Smogon tier list are RU and UU, for the record. The main genres of games I play are RPG (Pokémon, Digimon and Fire Emblem, to list a few), platformer (both 2D and 3D), racing (NFS: HP2 and Mario Kart), adventure (Okami/Okamiden) and dungeon crawler (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series).
I've watched some anime over the last two years; if there's anything you recommend, just tell me and I'll be sure to give it a shot.

I'm a very musically involved person who listens to a wide variety of genres, so if you want to talk music, then you've found the right guy to talk to!

:iconkyuzeth::iconcraniamania::iconacidicstormclouds::icontacettempestas::iconjaspergunner02::iconmonopolymurder::iconsharpclawpokemon: My best mates.

Other great people you should check out:



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AiliCrousaias Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the favourite
Kyuzeth Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017
You're welcome!
Doughbers Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I see you like Fire Emblem! Nooice. 
Kyuzeth Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017
Been into FE since last year. My favorite continent is Jugdral, and I'm quite far into FE4 as of this comment.
IntegerMova Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Just popping by to let you know that Reiga's dream dragon won, in case you didn't see earlier. It's going to be a beast in that Tomohawk-dominated CAP metagame.
Kyuzeth Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017
I'm kinda disappointed with the winning design, but it's good enough, I suppose.
IntegerMova Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
While it probably resembles a Psychic-type more than a Ghost, the bigger dragon supposed to be a nightmare projection. Nightmares are usually associated with the Ghost-type, as opposed to the more positive dreams of Psychics. Think about it kind of like a (Part 3) Stand user in a sense, if you can still relate to JoJo references.
IntegerMova Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
As you probably already know, CAP 23 has been chosen to be a Dragon/Ghost-type trapper with Comatose as its primary ability. It's heavily implied to be a fast, physically offensive attacker right now, whether it gets Spirit Shackle for STAB or Anchor Shot as surprising coverage.

Even though 2016 and 2017 were slow for CAP, we will not have to deal with updating CAPs three generations ahead anymore.
TacetTempestas Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Kyuzeth Featured By Owner May 20, 2017
doc cracky
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